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Things you should and should NOT do before your wedding day

Your big day is almost here, and it doesn't feel real! It can totally feel stressful at times with so many things going on and wanting everything to go right, don't forget to stop for a moment and to think about you. The most important one on this special day.

I want to share with you the things you should do before your wedding to look your best!

  1. If you don't already see an esthetician regularly, I highly recommend finding an esthetician in your area to get facials once a month before your wedding day and get a good skincare routine going to get your skin in the best condition possible. Trust me, it will make all the difference! Your esthetician as a professional will recommend exactly what your skin needs, and your make up will look 10x better on your special day. It truly does start with skincare, I do still of course prep skin before makeup no matter what, but if your skin is dry and not exfoliated the foundation (no matter which kind you use) will cling on to all the dryness and it will look caky. If you need a spa recommendation please feel free to send me a message.

  2. BROWS. If you already have someone you go to for your brows and love, amazing! If you don't, I always ask to please let your brows grow, no plucking, no trimming and go and get brow shaping properly done. It will frame your face differently, it will make all the difference with your makeup and overall give you a very clean and polished look!

  3. Sleep. This one may be hard but very understandable with so many thought it may be hard to sleep the night before. But I suggest doing whatever helps you get some sleep the night before, drink some chamomile tea, read a book that will make you sleepy, take a relaxing bath and try to get a good night sleep, you will have a long day ahead of you!

Now lets touch base on what you probably shouldn't do before your wedding day, to avoid looking and feeling tired.

  1. One thing i came across as being an issue is lash lifts. If your lashes grow straight down it is okay to get a lash lift every once in a while but please, please make sure you go to a professional who is knowledge. I cannot tell you how many times I've seen girls lashes that were complexity ruined, twisted and curled way too much and over processed. If this happens, sadly your makeup artist cannot save you on your day because putting lashes over super curled and crimped lashes is nearly impossible and does not look good. I have come across this and one of my brides simply did not wear fake lashes on her day because it just would not work.

  2. If you can, it is always a good idea to not drink too much alcohol the day before your wedding day, to avoid looking tired, bloodshot eyes & overall not feeling good. So If you can stick to water instead :)


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