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Full Glam

Full glam personal makeover!
Whether you are going to prom, graduating, doing a photoshoot, birthday or even just a fun night out.

Nina will help you feel your very best!




Each wedding day look is tailored to the bride to bring out natural beauty and to help you feel most confident and beautiful on your special day. 

All products used are high quality and meant to last throughout a day full of emotions.



1 on 1 Makeup Class

One on one classes from Nina are perfect for makeup artists as well as those that just wanting to get better at doing their own makeup. This class is personalized to you and what you want to improve on. You will create a look of your choice on yourself guided by Nina.

You will leave feeling inspired and more confident in your makeup skills. 



If you are a photographer or just want to collaborate on editorial and/or fashion shoots this is for you! Nina loves having the ability to use her creativity and work on different projects. She is able to use her makeup skills to produce an illustrative story through your vision.

$250 and up